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E-cigarette Starter Kits

If you're new to vaping but aren't sure where to start, we recommend getting an e-cigarette starter kit. There are many e-cigarette starter kits available in Australia, all with varying degrees of quality and reliability. Be careful buying unbranded kits from "smoke shops" as most of them are manufactured from low grade plastics and come with weak low quality batteries.

Vaper Empire V-Pack
As of September 2020, the V-Pack is probably the best quality and best value e-cigarette starter kit available in Australia. The kit costs a little more than the others, but Vaper Empire's product quality and customer service is so far above the competition that it's totally worth it.
E-cigarette Starter Kits E-cigarette Starter Kits
The standard starter kit comes with everything you need - a portable charger/case, 2 x e-cigarette batteries, 5 x refills, and a USB charging lead. The portable charging case is one of the main reasons that people like this kit. It allows you to charge your e-cigarettes without having to find a power point, at the beach, camping, in the car, at work etc.