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Buy e-cigarettes in Darwin, NT

Although it is still 100% legal to buy "zero nicotine" e-cigarettes in Darwin from a physical shop, there are currently no shops selling anything worth buying. If you're new to vaping, then we suggest buying either an e-cigarette starter kit, or a vaping starter kit as your first order - along with a few refills. E-cigarettes are available in a variety of flavours, with various nicotine strengths - including zero nicotine. If you want a similar feeling to smoking a cigarette, then an e-cigarette kit is probably the best way to go. Many people who are new to vaping start with an e-cigarette kit, and then graduate to a vaporizer or "mod". E-cigarettes are a similar size to traditional cigarettes, and don't look "weird" like personal vaporizers do. That said, if you're a bit more adventurous, then a personal vaporizer might be for you. Personal vaporizer kits, which are a little more advanced, offer a greater range of options and ejuice flavours.

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E-cigarettes can be legally purchased online in Darwin, with delivery taking from 5-12 days (4 day express post is also available).