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As long as the packaging makes no claims regarding health benefits or "quit smoking" claims, e-cigarettes can be legally delivered to Adelaide and South Australia. E-cigarettes containing nicotine must be shipped from outside Australia. E-cigarette orders are dispatched from the UK warehouse and arrive in Australia within 6-10 days with Australia Post, or 3-5 days with DHL Express.
Although there are several places to buy e-cigarettes in Adelaide, most of them are selling cheap unbranded products from China. These are manufactured using inferior plastics and "mystery ingredients" in the nicotine liquid. They also have very low quality batteries that don't last for very long. If you want try e-cigarettes, please don't rush into buying a cheap product - it could put you off vaping before you've had the chance to experience a quality e-cigarette.

Electronic Cigarettes Adelaide

What are the benefits of e-cigarettes over regular cigarettes?
E-cigarettes contain no tar, and produce no smoke. There is no ash, and no butts. Simply put, if you're hooked on nicotine, e-cigarettes are a much cleaner and nicer way to get it. E-cigarettes work by heating up nicotine liquid and turning it into a vapour. This vapour has a similar feel to regular cigarette smoke, so it feels very similar to smoking. The vapour has no cigarette odour, and won't make your house or clothes stink! Nicotine cartridges are available in various nicotine strengths from 0mg - 16mg. They also come in a variety of flavours such as Tobacco Gold (similar to a cigar), Red Label (classic American taste), and even coffee and vanilla.

If you would like to purchase e-cigarettes in Adelaide, please click here for a complete list of products.